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Dr. Rekha Mehta

Dr. Rekha MehtaSr. Counselling Consultant

Mrs Rama Madaan

Mrs Rama MadaanCounselling Consultant

Specializes in

  • Family & Marriage Counselling
  • Relationship & Live - In Couple Counselling
  • Child and Adolescent Counselling
  • Psychotherapy and Psychological Counselling for Behavioural Modification

Counselling Services

Counselling Services
Marriage Counselling In Delhi

Marriage Counselling

It is not unusual to have differences of opinion and discords in marriages. But it is not wise to continue with these differences and let them destroy a marriage. Every human being enters into a marriage with his or her own expectations, ideas, values, way of living etc. Intimacy can lead to conflicts however the good news is that these conflicts can be easily resolved. Marriage counselling can build and enhance compatibility between the spouses and help in resolving issues like :

Relationship Counselling In Delhi

Relationship Counselling

A relationship is a beautiful thing. The highs in a relationship can give you more than any material thing in the world. The happiness it gives you is greater than any material good can ever give you. However, preserving that happiness can sometimes be a tough job. There are so many factors which can hurt or harm or temporarily hamper a beautiful relationship.Love, care, concern, bonding, emotional attachment are a few factors amongst the many which we seek from and give into a relationship.

Child and Adolescent In Delhi

Child and Adolescent

We can help you connect with your child. Children live in a world of their own. We must enter their world to seek out their problems and remove them so that their beautiful world remains beautiful.Adolescents are children who are entering the adult world. We need to help them move from the zone of kid-children world and enter the adult world with the same confidence, love and innocence as they had when they were children.